Buy HDMI Matrix Switcher Only When You Know All About Them

The HDMI matrix switcher allows us to connect the different devices to different displays. If there is a business that needs too many devices to be played on different screens, then to buy the HDMI matrix switcher will be a great decision. 


How Many Outputs Can An HDMI Matrix Switcher Provide

Suppose you have an office where you need displays from different sources to different displays, then you need to install an HDMI matrix switcher. This HDMI matrix switcher can have numerous connections. 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, to 16x16, and more. 

How Does Matrix Switcher Works? :

The HDMI matrix switcher is also known as a multi-input multi-output system. When you buy HDMI matrix switcher, they are connected to different sources to different displays over the cat or cat5e wires, or fiber optic HDMI cable. Suppose if you have an 8x8 matrix switcher, then your 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher over cat6 cable will be set-up on this wire or other alike wires that are supposed to maintain the quality of the audio and video, for the longer distances. 

The connections from any source can be set to any display, and this can be simply changed using the remote control. 

What Is The Difference Between The Matrix Switcher And Splitter?

The significant difference is, the HDMI matrix switcher is used to send the data from the sources to the displays. Suppose you have set up an 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher over cat6 cable, then they can’t be split into more displays than the sources. But the HDMI splitter over cat5e/Cat6 or fiber optic HDMI cable works to transfer the data from fewer sources to more displays. Explicitly, 16x40 HDMI matrix splitter, HDMI 1x8 splitter over cat6, and more are examples, which means that from 16 sources, the data will be SPLLITED and directed to 40 displays, from 1 display to 8, and more. This is a major difference. 

Where Are These HDMI Matrix Switchers Used

The HDMI matrix switchers are used mainly at the places where there are multiple displays coming from the same number of sources. The places where it can be used are:

  • Educational centers where multiple sources are mightly used in a project or to make students understand something in class or seminars.

  • Military basis, to judge every single print, picture, and video, keenly. 

  • Malls where different ads from different sources have to be played in different places. 

  • Offices where during a presentation or for different pieces of information coming from different departments needs to be displayed.

  • Homes where two different screens are present and both require a different source to view different displays on. 

  • Big hotels and more places.

What If You Need Extra Sound

For extra sound, you can install HDMI digital audio extractor fit in the connections, and your additional soundbox is ready. 

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